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Dental Implants

Almost a real tooth!

A dental implant can restore your bite and aesthetics to what it was before! At False Creek Pure Dental, we offer different dental implants depending on your situation. Visit us for a consultation! Every implant case is different, but we will have a dental implant solution for you!


MegaGen Implants

A dental implant system that works in multiple clinical scenarios. No matter your situation, we will have a solution! Visit the implant system!

Immediate? Conventional Placement?

Depending on your situation (e.g. bone level, bite), we may be able to place implants and restore them with crowns faster than the conventional method (which can take more than 9 months). Visit for a consultation!

Enhanced Post-Op Healing

Our dental clinic offers the option of using PRF autogenous membrane (made and extracted from your own blood)! It can increase healing and decrease surgery discomforts like swelling and pain!


How long do dental implants last?
Implants may last a lifetime provided it is regularly cleaned and maintained (see question below). If it is not cleaned and checked regularly, it may develop the disease (peri-implantitis) and be lost after enough bone is eroded away.

What are the parts of a dental implant?
A dental implant has 2 parts: the titanium implant embedded into the bone and the dental crown placed over the implant. An implant surgery embeds the titanium substructure inside your bone. Then, a crown is made and installed over the implant after the it has healed. (refer to the picture on this page).

How long is the treatment time?
Implants needs enough time to heal into the bone (usually 3 to 6 months). A crown is placed on-top of dental implant once healing is done. Every case is different. Your treatment time may be quicker or much slower. It must be carefully evaluated. X-rays and measurements must be taken to assess this. Contact us for a consultation!

What is maintenance therapy?
Maintenance therapy is recommended for every implant. Professional cleaning and assessment are needed in most cases to prevent the development of peri-implantitis and ensure the longevity of your dental implants. Without it, it may still last a long time, but it is unpredictable.