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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Unlock a brighter, pain-free smile by addressing these common issues:

  1. Cavities in Adjacent Teeth
  2. Infections
  3. Pain from Impaction


In most cases, wisdom tooth extraction is the key.Whether it’s causing trouble now or lurking silently, it’s best to act early. Extraction is smoother and healing is faster while you’re younger, as complications may arise with age.

Don’t wait for discomfort – let us help you today!
For more information: 

Minimal Invasive Extraction

Create the least amount of trauma needed to extract the wisdom teeth. Opening the smallest flap possible. Using dental microscopes. Decreases post-op swelling and pain.

Dental Laser Therapy

Dental laser therapy with the appropriate wavelength may improve healing and decrease extraction swelling and pain


We offer PRF autogenous grafting to aid in faster healing and less post-op discomfort after dental extraction