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False Creek Pure Dental

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False Creek

Pure Dental

Vancouver Dentist at False Creek - Pure Dental

Dr. Yanbin Xu founded False Creek Pure Dental in 2015 with a vision to utilize the latest and greatest dental technology and techniques to push the envelope of dental health care in Canada. His motto is to give his patients his very best work and technology that is currently available and provide at affordable prices. 

Our Facilities

Our facility is equipped to handle all dental treatments and provide the tender loving care you need for dental emergencies and dental maintenance treatments. In addition, we can provide you with unique major treatment options such as one-visit root canal therapy with Laser and Zeiss microscope technology. Our goal is to deliver you the finest dentistry based on efficiency, accuracy and precision. 

Our investment the Light Walker Laser System

We are proud to announce that our clinic is equipped with the Fotona’s light walker laser system. This dental technology uses light waves to remove hard and soft tissues necessary for dental repair. What makes this technology so unique? Major dental treatments include dental fillings, root canal therapy, periodontal tissue removal, and more efficient implants. Most of all, traditionally, root canal therapy treatments would require two to three visits to complete. However, you would only need one trip with this technology.

But best of all, we are offering it at BC Fee guide pricing, so you don’t have to pay extra to utilize this technology advancement.

So book your appointment and come and take advantage of our experience staff and facilities. With Dr. Yanbin Xu’s mountain of experience in dentistry leading the clinic, you can enjoy a simple, healthy and carefree dental experience.