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We are Patient-Focused Highly Educated Highly Experienced Technologically Advanced Affordable Vancouver Dentist

A Family Friendly Vancouver Dental Clinic with Advanced Dental Technology

Vancouver Dentist located 5 minutes away from Olympic Village Canada Line Skytrain station. Fully dedicated to managing your dental appointments to ensure your receive your cleaning promptly and staff to handle your insurance paperwork and a dental clinic fully equipped to provide you with a fantastic dental treatment experience. Capabilities to provide you with advanced major treatment options such as one visit root canal therapy with Laser and Zeiss microscope technology, ensuring treatment is performed at the highest efficiency, accuracy and precision. Come in and be astonished by our latest dental techniques, we are ready to make your treatment as simple and carefree as possible, enabling you to enjoy flaunting your confident smile where ever you are.

Our Commitment to you...

Patient First Approach

  • Staff fully dedicated to a proactive approach to managing your dental health – ensuring you receive your scheduled dental cleanings.
  • Highly experienced front desk team – managing all your dental insurance paperwork. 
  • Relaxing environment, with amenities such as noise cancellation headphones, watching movies or leaning to music to distract nervous attention.

Latest and Greatest Dental Technology

  •  Enjoy our investment in leading-edge dental technology aim to minimize discomfort during all types of treatments at BC Fee guide Prices.
  • High precision Zeiss Dental Microscope  – for accurate and precise details for all treatments
  • Fully equipped with Lightwalker Duo wavelength Laser – enabling one visit root canal therapy, Non-surgical periodontal treatment, peri-implantitis treatment, laser lingual frenectomy,  better retention and more minor pain laser restorations,  and Photobiomodulation to reduce swell and pain, increase healing for all surgeries.
  • Medit i700 oral 3D scanner replaces discomfort impressions.

Highly Educated and Experience team

  •  30+ years of dental  experience 
  • Graduated from top Chinese Dental School in 1989
  • PhD in Prosthodontics in Japan in 2000
  • Vice -professor in West China Public health Department Dental implant Center in 2002
  • DMD from UBC School of Dentistry in 2010
  • Fotona LA&HA Master Program (200 hours training) in 2021

Superior Treatment

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Vancouver Dentist

We speak English and Chinese.

We provide dental services from fillings, root canals, dental extractions to cleanings and check-ups. We see families, adults, kids, and the elderly also. After practicing dentistry in Vancouver for years, Dr. Yanbin Xu wanted to build a dental clinic from the ground up to achieve a higher standard of care. As a result, we have invested in dental microscopes and dental lasers to elevate our standards and repertoire of services. For example, a dental microscope allows root canals and fillings to be done at higher precision.

Minor Trauma Wisdom tooth Extraction

Our False Creek dentist utilize wisdom teeth extraction such as minimum trauma techniques resulting in less pain, swelling, and fast healing.

Peri-implantitis treatment

Our dentists have years of experience with Dental implants and are renowned for treating peri-implantitis by combining Duo laser technology with PRF techniques.

Non-surgical periodontal treatment

Our revolutionary Duo laser dental technology is proven to be highly effective at periodontal bone regeneration and mobile fixation teeth even without flaps, resulting in minor swelling and pain after treatment.

One visit Root Canal treatment

SWEEP power from a light walker can provide a more thorough, minimum invasive, three-dimensional way to clean the root canal system, making one visit root canal treatment possible.