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Home Care Instruction After Wisdom Teeth Extraction


do i need prescription pain-killers after Extraction?

For most patients, over-the-counter ibuprofen or tylenol taken daily as needed is enough to manage symptoms after a wisdom tooth extraction. Most people do not need prescription pain-killers.

is it normal to have pain and swelling?

Pain and swelling is expected and normal after extraction. Symptoms are typically the most severe around day 2 or 3 after wisdom tooth extraction. As long as symptoms continue to improve, everything is fine. By the end of week 2, most pain and swelling should have disappeared.

should i take days off after extraction?

Pain and swelling is most severe at day 2 and 3 after a tooth is extracted. Because of this, If your job involves talking with clients or public appearances, consider taking these days off. 

there is still bleeding a few days later. is this normal?

It is normal to sometimes have slow oozing of blood at the extraction site in the first week. You can bite on a dry tea-bag or gauze if this happens. If bleeding is not stopping or is very significant, call your dentist.